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indoor archery range

Indoor archery range in Montreal (range length up to 120 ft). Compound shooters are welcome! Bow rentals and monthly memberships available!


archery lessons

Archery lessons available for beginners who have not had any formal archery training or those who have not shot archery for a long period of time.


archery shop

See the Bows and arrows that we offer with our partner company Canada Archery Online!


indoor archery range (EXPERIENCED ARCHERS ONLY)

  • One of the longest indoor ranges in Montreal (range length up to 120 ft/40 yards)

  • Compound Shooters are welcome!

  • Bow rentals available for those who have taken an archery lesson at Sports de Combats

  • First-time visitors will need to go through safety evaluation by our range master

One Time Visit

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bow)

$1499/ pers. per hour

Range + Equipment

$2499*/ pers. per hour

*must have completed the intro to archery course at sports de combats


1 month


3 months


6 months


**equipment rental is available for an extra $30/month

book an archery lesson

Intro To Recurve Archery

40$ per lesson

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Advanced Course Packages

180$ per course

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Private Lesson

60$ per hour

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archery equipment packages

pro shop services

Costs below are only for the service. Cost of parts is additional.

Compound & Recurve bow setup
Basic Recurve setup: $10
Compound D-loop setup: $10
Compound Peep setup: $10
Advanced Recurve & Compound setup: Varied

Compound & recurve bow tuning

Arrow repair (cutting, fletching, nock & point installation)
Cutting: $1 + tax/arrow
Nock: $1 + tax/arrow
Point installation: $1 + tax/arrow
Fletching: $2 + tax/arrow or $20 + tax/dozen