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Combat Archery pitches players against foes using bows and foam-tipped arrows in an arena of inflatable obstacles. Combat archers can develop strategies to beat their rivals, and the sport encourages teamwork and partnership, with a healthy dose of fitness & competition.

Friendly Competition

$24 99/ person per hour
  • All players for public events must be 10 years of age or older to participate

**Please note that all games require a minimum of 6 combat archers to run. If you are booking a public event, you will join other players, make friends, and jointly defeat your foes!

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Kids Birthday

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Special Occasion

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Corporate Events

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A New Type of Competition

  • High-quality protective chest gear and wrist guards

  • Unique combat modifications, including use of melee weaponry

  • Professional archery instruction from qualified instructors

  • Comfort and convenience: fully air-conditioned facility, lockers, and Wi-Fi!

  • Involving speed, stealth, accuracy, and co-operative play

  • 60 minutes of archery training and mission-based games

  • High-quality recurve bows available in a range of draw weights (12-20 lbs)

  • Breathable face masks and high-quality, anti-fog, scratch-resistant visors

  • Combining the nostalgia of grade-school athletics with adrenaline and high-intensity archery

  • Drawing on tactical elements of archery and combat mechanics

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