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Media Press Kit

Sports de Combats Overview

Sports de Combats is a recreational sports & entertainment facility combining aspects of  gaming and fitness to bring you the best niche sports experience in Montreal! Conveniently located in the trendy area of Mile End and easily accessible via public transit, Sports de Combats is the sister company of Battle Sports Toronto, the creator of the international sensation “Rage Room”. Using the same Harley Quinn’s Smash Cage exclusively featured at Suicide Squad’s Toronto premiere event, Sports de Combats is bringing this unique experience to Montreal.

Alongside the Rage Cage, where you can destroy everyday items with bats and crowbars, there is an arena used for NERF Battle, which pitches players against foes using NERF blasters and foam darts in an arena of inflatable obstacles. This is the first of its kind in Montreal, and customers can choose from an arsenal of over 200 NERF blasters. Other exciting services that Sports de Combats offers include Combat Archery, Archery Lessons, Knife and Axe Throwing, and battle-themed escape rooms.

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