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Have you ever reached the end of a long day and felt the need to break something? Perhaps your in-laws have been giving you a hard time, or your boss is being an asshole. Then come to the Rage Cage, and let all of that anger out! Focus your rage on a variety of smashable objects, and unleash a wave of destruction!

  • $35 and up / person / 45 min

  • All participants must be at least 18 years of age

  • Full suite of protective gear including coveralls, face masks, gloves, and vests

  • Stocked arsenal of RAGE weapons including baseball bats and crowbars!

  • Speakers so you can RAGE out to music of your choice!

  • Downloadable video from our security cam footage to share with friends! (Bring your own USB or purchase one from us)

  • Hassle-free smashing… Leave the clean-up to us!

  • Comfort and convenience: fully air-conditioned facility, lockers, and Wi-Fi!

rage cage montreal


Whether it’s going to be Valentine’s or Anti-Valentine’s for you this year, come join us at Sports de Combats!

For the lovebirds, come for a Love & Rage and become cupid by shooting hearts in our archery range.

For everyone else, round up your single friends and come break some hearts at our axe and knife throwing range, and rage out in the Rage Cage.


Lone Rager

$35per person
  • 1 person
  • 5 small items
  • 3 medium items
  • 1 large/novelty items
  • 1 small electronic

Office Space Special

$50per person
  • 1 person
  • 6 small items
  • 4 medium items
  • 1 large/novelty items
  • 1 printer

Date Night

$75per couple
  • 2 people
  • 8 small items
  • 8 medium items
  • 2 large/novelty items
  • 1 medium electronic
  • 1 BYOB

Super SMASH Party

$100per group
  • 4 people
  • 20 small items
  • 16 medium items
  • 8 large/novelty items
  • 4 small electronics
  • 1 BYOB


  • Bring your own stuff to smash for only $10 (in addition to the Rage Cage package you booked)!

  • Smasher must be able to lift his/her own box or bag. Box or bag must fit through a standard doorway.

  • We recommend bringing: glassware, dishes, mirrors, ceramics, etc.

  • Sports de Combats reserves the right to refuse entry to any unsafe items including monitors, CFL light bulbs, organic or liquid materials, etc.


  • Effective (and unique) alternative technique for stress relief!

  • Like kickboxing and other martial arts, the Rage Cage constructively channels aggression!

  • Superb exercise alternative!