15 Reasons To Learn Archery

A perfectly balanced combination physical and meditative qualities, below are the 15 reasons why you and everyone else should learn archery! First, Archery is timeless. Historically, archery had been focused solely for hunting and combat. In modern times, the bows and arrows have taken part mainly as a competitive sport and a recreational activity. Secondly, with the recent arrival of famous archers in pop culture such as Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Legolas and Katniss Everdeen, it has never been cooler to be an archer!

1.Archery Is For Everyone

Archery can be practiced and enjoyed by everybody. Therefore, anyone with disabilities can certainly participate!

Fun fact: the former world record in archery at the 2012 London Olympics was set by Im Dong-hyun.
He was legally blind!

2. Archery Helps Physical Development

To draw the bow steadily while aiming requires not only significant stamina but also upper body and core strength.

At an archery tournament, male and female archers pull an average weight of 7.8 and 5.3 ton,
Respectively, the strongest weightlifter lifts about 1.5 ton.

3. Archery Improves Focus

Besides physical strength, mental focus is also an crucial factor. Thus archery also improves your mental endurance.
For instance, many archers train on meditative aspects as much as physical qualities

4. Archery Improves Patience

Archery provides many benefits of patience just from the way archery competitions and practices are organized.

5. Archery Improves Self-Confidence

By combining both physical and mental aspects in a practice session, everyone is a winner a personal mental battle!

6. Archery Gives you a Sense of Accomplishment

Successfully striking an arrow straight into the target definitely gives a anyone a great sense of accomplishment!

7. Archery Teaches Goal Setting

Archery offers a perfect goal-setting environment. Set your personal objectives and milestones as you improves everyday by aiming on smaller target rings and increasing the shooting distance.

8. Archery Is a Social Sport

Anyone from any walks of life and any age group can enjoy archery. You will see a huge diversity of archers at our shooting range

9. Archery Teaches Teamwork & Sportsmanship

Archery is not only an individual discipline but also a team sport.

10. Archery Is Relatively Inexpensive

Unlike other sports, a beginner or even intermediate archer won’t need to spend thousands of dollars on new equipment. Our beginners’ archery packages start at $199.99 and there are also many options for used equipment that we offer. Click here 

11. Archery Can Be Practiced All-Year Long

Archery can be practiced both indoors and outdoors with many clubs having access to indoor facilities over the winter season so the weather need not be a barrier to participation. For instance, our premium indoor archery range at Sports de Combats is available all year long  and all 7 days a week. For more information, you can visit the range page here

12. Archery Teaches the Importance of Safety

Archery will teach you to be responsible for not only the equipment safety but also range awareness and etiquette.

13. Archery Is Fun

The most goal of recreational archery is for your enjoyment.  In other words, let’s concentrate on the personal growth and milestones instead of worrying about what others are doing.

 14. Archery is Cool

In our childhood dream, we all want to be a hero! Being able to shoot arrows  straight will let you feel like the famous heroes– Unleash your inner Green Arrow, Hawkeye, Katniss Everdeen, Robin Hood, Rambo and many others!

15. Archery Teaches Valuable Skills (and Prepares YOU for a Zombie Apocalypse)

Above all, Archery offers sportsmanship, physical fitness, hunting, mental perseverance, all of which are invaluable in a Zombie Apocalypse!

Original info-graphic and information based from astraightarrow.net

At Sports de Combats, we offer many different types of archery lessons, workshops and courses from complete beginners to highly advanced archers in different styles (traditional barebow, Oympic recurve, target & hunting compound…..)

Now with 15 reasons to learn archery, come by and explore the inner archer in you!

15 reasons to learn archery infographic