2023 Canada Cup East Recap

A collage of moments during the Canada Cup East.

Forged in (forest) fire (well…. sort of…..) 🔥.

It has been a very eventful & memorable 2023 Canada Cup East , with fast-changing weather conditions and severe forest fire smoke.

Lots of unexpected things happened, but I am very happy with our athletes’ results!

For those who don’t know, the 2023 Canada Cup East is an Archery competition that was held in Montreal, Quebec from June 23 to 25. One of the largest tournaments in Canada, it had over 120 participants across all categories.

This year was one of the largest turnout, with most national members from Canada and US in attendance. It was a fierce competition, nonetheless, we still finished victorious!

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Galina took home the Bronze medal in the Senior (18-49) Female Compound category, with only 1 loss to the former World #2 Rank, Crystal Gauvin. 

Additionally, Felipe, despite a HUGE equipment issue on the first day, finished 10th overall (2nd in Quebec) in the Senior (18-49) Male Recurve category.

Most archers would have forfeited the tournament, but he persevered nonetheless!

Daily Recap of the Canada Cup East

Day 1: Severe heat wave (34℃ !) & the Big Bang 🥵

Broken equipment of Felipe at the Canada Cup East.

It took weeks and weeks of tuning equipment and our shooting forms, plus countless hours of training in all kinds of weather conditions.

Eventually, we got to the shoot feeling really good and confident. Upon arriving at the site, we had a couple practice rounds, which were shorter and hectic than expected (there were way more shooters than originally anticipated!).

At 1 p.m., under the scorching sun and a 34 degree weather, the official round (72 arrows/ 6 per round) finally began.

3 rounds passed and Galina’s arrows were wonderful. On the other hand, Felipe’s arrows were behaving erratically.

Suddenly, while I was at the compound range coaching Galina, there was a huge gunshot-like sound.

I turned around and noticed that Felipe’s $1,200 set of 2 limbs was now a set of 2.5 (well… sort of…).

From this moment onward, it was a whirlwind of makeshifts and bandaids solutions.

To explain the situation better, I divided it into 2 parts:

Broken equipment of Felipe at the Canada Cup East.
Part 1: Finding a replacement for the failed equipment

Thanks to our amazing friend, Virginie Chernier, Felipe was able to continue the shoot, with her set of spare limbs.

Part 2: Bow retuning

At the highest level of competition, just like the archer, equipment requires a much higher amount of attention and tuning.

Since the incident happened during an active ranking event, there was no recess, nor timeout!

We had to perform all the needed adjustment and tuning between arrow retrieval time.

Felipe finished day 1 with a score of 575, which is much lower than his usual average, but he finished !

Finally, after a full eventful day under the brutal heat, we spent the entire evening (5 hours) troubleshooting and retuning the setup to get ready for the next day!

Day 2: rain, wind and lack of sleep (+ seeding & elimination) ⛈️

Felipe posing with his bow at the Canada Cup East.

With less than 5 hours of sleep, we headed to the seeding qualification round.

Having had no time or opportunity to sight in and tune at 70 meters, Felipe started the shoot with a lot of 7s, 8s, and occasional flyers.

Therefore, we were not feeling so confident about our skills, due to the lack of training the day before.

However, the 5th round came and everything changed: we started feeling more confident with our equipment and got back to a somewhat normal baseline performance. 

Galina finished the seeding round with 644 (4th seed) and Felipe finished with 613 (10th seed).

Both of the participants experienced a huge improvement, compared to the results of the previous day!

However, it wasn’t enough: we were now onto the elimination round.

Felipe was matched against Shawn Mattheson; he fought to not be eliminated, however the physical and the mental fatigue caught up to him and he dropped a 2-6 match against his opponent (a 5 times Canadian paralympian) in the 1/16 round. 

Galina, though, came away with a quarter final win against Jyostna Challa, with the score of 138-135.

Now onto the next day!

Day 3: Medal matches “There were a lot of bonfires last night!” – Felipe 🔥

We began the day in a haze of smoke and fog, which to Felipe, seemed to have come from the St-Jean parties and celebrations 😅.

First, the day started with Galine dropping the semi final match to 127-140 to Crystal Gauvin, a former world #2 rank US archer (who would later on win the gold medal 👏).

Then, the score of 133-127 rewarded Galina with a bronze medal. This match was against Catherine and allowed Galina to take home the bronze medal 🙌!

Trivia: Galina vs Catherine was the gold medal match at the 2023 Indoor Provincial Championship match in April 2023 (Catherine took home the gold medal)

Galina on the third place podium of the Canada Cup East.

As a coach, I could not be more proud of how much Felipe and Galina have grown and how well they handled the pressure and adversity during this 2023 Canada Cup East Tournament!

Now, on to the next tournament 🏆!

Bryan, Archery Head Coach at Sports de Combats

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