2023 Holiday Gift Ideas In Mile End / Le Plateau

Check out this year’s list of all of our favourite local businesses where you can find great gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season!

So… it’s that time of year again, and so begins the struggle to find the perfect Christmas gifts for the people in your life who seem to have everything. But fear not, our fellow festive friends, because we’ve created a little list of unique gift ideas that you can find right here, in Mile-End / Le Plateau!

When in doubt: chocolate! A universally loved treat? Yep! A Holiday classic? Certainly! The right chocolate is sure to please even the pickiest person on your list! We recommend Les Chocolats de Chloé where you are sure to find treats that cater to every personality in your family. Artisanal chocolate products, including sweet treats, bars, truffles, and bites made from high-end chocolate, spices, herbs, and fruit purees. Maybe I’ll get a few for myself too!

For your loved ones whose shoulders are always tense, Spa Espace Nomad is a warm and welcoming urban oasis far from the stresses of daily life. Tucked into Mile-End, they offer a variety of services designed for complete relaxation and well-being. Including soothing massages, aesthetic treatments such as facials, manicures, acupuncture and more. Did you know there is more than one type of massage? Swedish, Californian, and Mystic, they are experts in all of them, and each is designed to provide a unique sensory journey. Breeeeeaathe in, and breathe ooooouut. 

There’s more than one way to de-stress, maybe your loved ones need to let out their frustrations by breaking things in our world famous rage cage? Don’t forget we also offer a variety of other exciting and unique activities suitable for all ages: archery lessons and practice for every skill level, axe, knife and spear throwing sessions, nerf gun battles, and combat archery. Our gift cards range from $10 – $200 and are available for specific activities or as general credit vouchers that can be used towards activities, memberships, or the purchase of archery equipment. Physical gift cards are available at our facility and e-cards are available for purchase through our website. They can be personalized with a personal message and a custom image, adding a thoughtful touch to the gift. We’d love to see you all here this holiday season!

Clark Street Mercantile is a woods-chic retailer and menswear store. The boutique focuses on Quality-made products, stocking everything from men’s apparel, accessories, shoes, and home goods. You will find well known quality brands and might even discover some new favorites. The store is known for its careful selection of impeccably styled products. As they say, they want to forge a genuine bond between you and craftspeople who make the goods you (or your loved ones) will use for years to come. Trust that anything you give as a gift from Clark Street Mercantile will impress.

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly has two English book stores, one just for children and both are in Mile-End. Both are filled with just as many local authors as award winning national writers. Drawn & Quarterly began by publishing comics and is now known for being on the pulse with its zeitgeisty offering, including a vibrant collection of graphic novels, comics, poetry, as well as fiction and non-fiction novels. A personal book recommendation from the passionate staff is sure to delight anybody you have in mind. 

Giving someone a well chosen piece of jewelry is a gesture that communicates just as much emotion as words can. But where can you find something that says exactly what you want? What local jeweler Anne-Marie Chagnon communicates with her work is that being true to oneself is remarkable. The work is known for being both contemporary and timeless, and of course, designed and made with superb quality. Visit Anne-Marie Chagnon’s boutique and find the right piece among her unique selection.

Fact: quality vintage clothing is always a more interesting gift than socks from the old navy. But when it comes to vintage, where should you start? We say Annex Vintage, a boutique offering a diverse selection of vintage clothing, classic and retro shoes, unique art prints, and jewelry. If that wasn’t enough, the store also features independently created goods, more clothes, accessories, candles, botanical fragrances, and a lot more. For those with an appreciation for vintage and local craft, you are certain to find one of a kind gems at Annex Vintage. 

Combining a café with an artist studio, Café Céramique is a space for individuals to enjoy casual dining while unleashing their creativity with ceramic painting. The café, with its art lined walls, and relaxed ambiance, has a tasty menu with paninis, bagels, salads, desserts, and beverages so you won’t go hungry making your masterpiece. Customers, whether novice or experienced artists, can paint unique ceramics to display or gift to loved ones. What is so cool about this idea is that you can either create a unique item for a special someone, or buy them a gift card and join them as they make their own unique homeware!

9. Even More Local Goods: Galerie-Boutique Bref & Art Pop Montréal

A double feature: Galerie-boutique Bref is a Montreal-based gallery and boutique that offers an ever-evolving selection of independent artists and designers, each chosen based on monthly themes. Also check out Artpop Montréal, a boutique offering Montreal made and Montreal themed gifts, and Quebec souvenirs. The store features a variety of unique and locally inspired items. It’s a win-win: support local artists and find some uniquely Montreal gifts.

10. Still need more ideas? Don’t worry, our neighbourhood has even more to offer!

Take a stroll down Parc, St Urbain, St Denis, St Laurent, or Mont Royal and keep an eye out for places to find a signature gift. Signature gifts are unique, custom, and handmade pieces that can be personalized to create a memorable and meaningful present. These gifts often feature engraved, embroidered, or etched monograms or lettering, making them distinctive and special for any occasion you have in mind. There are plenty of antique and novelty stores that didn’t make this year’s list that might just have what you are looking for.

We hope you are feeling less stressed about finding great gifts this holiday season! Let’s embrace the fun and get ready to surprise our friends and family with some unforgettable gifts! After all, it’s the season to be jolly and spread some holiday cheer!