2023 Outdoor Provincial Championship & Big Things At SDC

Read about our excellent experience at the Outdoor Provincial Archery Championship, where we won two silver and two gold medals! Also learn about our season of exciting firsts and get details on our big announcement at the end!

What makes a good archer? We might think of physical attributes like strength and eyesight, but just as with any athletic pursuit, strength of character, determination and mental endurance are of the utmost importance. Sports De Combats and the people that make up our incredible community are never at rest. We measure our successes by the number of firsts, and this season was certainly full of firsts! Here is a heartfelt story about striving, learning, success and the future. 

More Than A Competition

On September 1st, 2023, archers from all over Quebec gathered for a special event at Club Sagittaire in Trois Rivières. While the outdoor provincial archery championships are important for all the competitors, those who had been training at SDC in the months leading up to this significant occasion considered it a success even before the competition began.

This was the first outdoor season for our high performance athletes, Galina, Felipe and Daniel under the coaching of Bryan. Firm in his belief that a coach must always be open to learning and capable of precisely executing his own methods under stressful competitive circumstances, Bryan also took part in his first competition since 2016.

Since then, Bryan has been dedicated to building Sports De Combats in Montreal, determined to create a community for anyone interested in archery.

Now, six years later, Bryan, Galina, Felipe, and Daniel stood in a grassy field just moments away from a competition where the placement of every arrow, differing by mere millimeters, could mean finally surpassing a long-time rival, winning the gold, or leaving with nothing but the satisfaction of a good practice.

The Play By Play

During the first day of the outdoor provincial archery championships, numerous archers practiced side by side, preparing for the upcoming three days of mental and physical strain. On the second day, during the “double 720” event, competitors shot 144 arrows each, with their focus on the targets and the gold medals. Each time the bowstring is drawn, fatigue accumulates in the body and mind, exacerbated by inevitable equipment issues.

Galina secured the silver medal, while Daniel achieved gold.

On the third and final day, the archers vied for the open provincial cup medals. In a tense one-arrow shoot-out, Bryan was defeated by Jacob Gagnon.

Filipe was narrowly beaten by Brandon Xuereb, the eventual gold medalist and a long time senior recurve national team member.

Galina lost to Catherine Robert, long time rival and amazingly good friend. Galina still walked away with a silver medal for the senior + junior open. And in the waning hours of the final day, Daniel won gold again!

Regardless of the medals won or lost, the act of competing is a statement of survival and potential for Sports De Combats. We left the competition feeling overwhelmingly thankful. 

Archery Competitions?

In regions with harsh winters, such as North America, there are two archery seasons. The outdoor season, which runs from April to September, involves shooting at 122 cm & 80 cm targets from a distance of 50 to 70 meters. When the weather turns cold and the snow blankets the landscape, the indoor season begins, lasting from October to March. During this time, archers must hit 40 cm targets at a range of 20 meters. The competition is conducted using Olympic Recurve bows, and archers are categorized based on age.

Cadet Category: Ages 15-17 (60m distance)

Junior category: Ages 18-20 (70m distance)

Senior category: Ages 21-50 (70m distance)

Master category: Ages 50+ (60m distance)

Season Stats Recap

As previously mentioned, the current season has been marked by numerous significant milestones for the SDC community. We have attained remarkable accomplishments and gained invaluable experiences and insights along the way. As we rejoice in the achievements of our archers this season, let’s reflect on the exceptional journey we have had.

– Felipe finished 3rd in the provincial ranking for senior male recurve, with a silver medal for the 2023 provincial indoor championship

– Galina finished 2nd in the provincial ranking for senior female compound, with a silver medal in the 2023 provincial championship; bronze in 2023 Canada Cup East; silver in 2023 Provicial outdoor championship; silver in the 2023 open (senior + junior) outdoor championship

– Daniel finished 1st in the provincial ranking for cadet male recurve, with Silver in 2023 Canadian Nationals; gold in the 2023 Provincial outdoor championship; gold in the 2023 open outdoor championship.

Felipe, Bryan, Galina, Daniel

Bryan’s Big Announcement!

Endurance, determination, and looking to the future! The team is now back in the training lab, excited and hungry for more archery-related challenges! With many goals and ambitions in mind, we are proud to introduce the 2nd stage of Sports de Combats’ competitive archery plan: the high performance archery program for Elite and Development status team members. 

– High level competitive archery coaching

– Mental management training

– Strength, conditioning & mobility training

– Video and other high level technical analysis

– Dietary planning

– Muscle recovery, injury prevention & rehabilitation

– Professional staff in Sport Psychology, Osteopathy, massage therapy and kinesiology