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From total novices to experienced archers

From total novices to experienced archers

The complete guide for your archery journey

For a complete beginner with no archery knowledge to a world-class level archer, or anywhere else in between.

  • How to get started in archery, to continue to develop good habits and to practice the right way?
  • Which archery style to choose?
  • When to purchase/upgrade your equipment?

Our expert instructors provide comprehensive guidance tailored to your needs, covering various archery styles, skill development, and progression stages:

The first step in the 1000 miles journey

L1. Novice Stage: initiation to recurve archery

Get ready to dip your toes in archery by participating in the Initiation to Recurve Archery Class

This 60 minutes class consists of:
– Important equipment and range safety
– Basic key elements in archery
– Fun shooting at targets (10 meters)

It will become clear to you after your first class that archery is not about being good at aiming; it’s about understanding the correct technique and repeating it over and over again. Over time, you will develop enough body awareness to understand how to do it autonomously, while mentally focusing on key aspects. Initially however, you will need help from an instructor to ensure that you are not learning bad habits and to teach you how to correct yourself.

The journey to becoming a skilled archer involves understanding and mastering the correct technique, consistent practice, and the guidance of experienced instructors. Whether you are interested in a specific archery style or considering professional training, Sports de Combats provides a range of options to support your development in the sport.

Various options for aspiring archers

L2. Beginner Stage: choose a path

Modern Barebow Archery

Continuation of initiation to archery (modern barebow)
Building basic foundation and good habits

Olympic Recurve Archery

The most technique-focused type of archery & considered as the “ballet” of archery

Modern Compound Archery

The most technology-focused type
The fast lane of archery

Asiatic & other traditional styles

The most instinct-focused type, while still incorporating key modern techniques

(Self) Range Practice

Practice makes perfect

Archery Equipment Purchase

Let our expert archers give you the best advice on what to get

Take your archery journey to the next level

L3. Intermediate & Advanced & Elite Stages

Intermediate coaching session

Expanding on basic archery foundation

In-house regular competitions

Try a taste of competitive archery

High performance program

Take it to the elite level

“Archery is like a journey, it begins with a love for shooting a bow and a passion for watching our arrows fly.”

— Ron Laclair


L2. Continuation of modern barebow

Beginner plus archery class

If you want to improve your skills taught in the initiation class (the barebow style), beginner + lessons are recommended.

What is Barebow: Barebow archery is a traditional form of archery that involves using a simple recurve bow without additional accessories to assist in aiming or stabilization. Barebow archers typically use a three-piece recurve bow, consisting of an aluminum or wooden riser and two limbs, and they must “string-walk” with nothing more than a simple scale on their tab. The bow is “bare”, except for the arrow rest.

It is advised to take between 4 and 8 Beginner + classes.

After taking Beginner + classes, after the approval of the head coach, you will be able to join weekly coaching sessions (2-hour group sessions).

Beginner plus archery class


L2. Trying out Olympic Recurve

Olympic Recurve class

If you are interested in Olympic archery, the 4-week Initiation to Olympic archery course is designed to teach you all the basics, such as using the sight, sling, and stabilizer.

Olympic archery, as the name indicates it, is the style used at the Olympic games.
An Olympic bow, just like a barebow, is a recurve bow (it consists of three pieces: the riser and two limbs) but it has extra accessories such as stabilizers, sights. The use of these accessories makes Olympic recurve bows different from other recurve bows.

Click here for more information, details and pricing


L2. Trying out Compound Archery

Compound archery course

The most technology-focused type of archery.
Suitable for both target & hunting archery

Compound archery is a style using a modern type of bow with a levering system, usually consisting of cables and pulleys, to bend the limbs. This system provides a mechanical advantage, making it easier to hold the bow at full draw, requiring less force and allowing for easier aiming. Compound bows are known for their speed and accuracy, with arrows able to travel at speeds of over 350 kilometers per hour. Unlike Olympic archery, compound archers are permitted to use magnified sights, release and other mechanical aids. While compound bows are not used in the Olympic Games, they are used at the Paralympic Games, World Championships, World Cups, and World Games. Additionally, compound bows are widely used in hunting.

Click here for more information, details and pricing

Compound archery course


L2. Trying out Asiatic (horse) bow or other instinctive styles

Asiatic archery class

If you prefer learning about other instinctive styles, private lessons with our instructor Liam are available.
Please send us a message to to request a class.

In addition to barebow, traditional archery includes various other styles such as longbow and Asiatic (horse bow), each with their own unique characteristics and historical significance. These styles often emphasize instinctive shooting and a closer connection to historical archery practices.

Asiatic archery class

Beginners & Intermediate & Advanced

L2. (Self) practice at the range

archery range practice

Practice makes perfect. In between lessons, it is essential to practice regularly.

The indoor archery range at Sports de Combats is available throughout the year, but it is necessary to make a reservation before coming!

There are options for:

  • Single visit
  • Membership (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months)
  • Equipment rental (only available for those who have completed an initiation lesson at Sports de Combats, only with recurve bows; maximum shooting distance: 12m)
archery range practice

Beginners & Intermediate

L2. Equipment purchase & consultation

Archery equipment purchase

If you are serious about archery, you can purchase equipment at Sports de Combats. Equipment consultations are available by appointment only.

Please send us a message to

With your own equipment, you will be able to practice from home too. There are exercises you can do without releasing your string or shooting at a long distance.

Archery equipment purchase

Intermediate & Advanced

L3. Weekly intermediate coaching session

Expand on the basic archery foundation with intermediate archery techniques.

Based on the most up-to-date scientific studies & research,
these 2 hours weekly intermediate coaching sessions are suitable for all styles of archery and require the completion of

  • The Olympic recurve course (level 2)
  • Or the Compound archery course (level 2)
  • Or the 4 beginner+ classes (level 2)

The sessions focus on:

  • Good habit reinforcement
  • Strength, endurance & flexibility building
  • Intermediate technical skills based on efficient biomechanical movements
  • Basic mental training
  • Basic equipment knowledge and tuning

Intermediate & Advanced & Elite

L3. SDC Indoor Competition

Interested in participating at a welcoming and fun competition for the first time?
Sports de Combats’ indoor competition is a great place to

  • Have a feel of what competitive archery feels like
  • Meeting other archery club members and regulars
  • Testing your skills
  • Snack and shoot
  • Win fun prizes and bragging rights

Intermediate & Advanced & Elite

L3. High Performance Team

Caught the archery bug and want to take it to the next level?
Want to compete at municipal, provincial, national & international competitions?

Our high performance program consists of 

  • Development team: for those who would like to explore the advanced level of archery
  • Elite team: with members who completed and achieved medals and rankings at provincial, national, and international level

Our high performance coaching staff consists of

  • Highly experienced and internationally certified archery head coach
  • Technical analysis coach
  • Sport psychologist
  • Sport massage therapist
  • Strength and conditioning fitness coach


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