Before Each Visit

  • Make sure to reserve a spot before coming to practice; otherwise, you may be turned away.

  • If you are planning to stay for 2 hours, please make sure you book for 2 hours

  • Please arrive and finish on time.

During Your Visit

Range locations & glass separator positions

  • Range 1 is the 20 yards range

  • Range 2 is the 10 yards range

  • Each glass separators are to be lined up with the arrows marked on the floor. 

Equipment set up & removal

  • There are set-up tables for you to set up your equipment.
    Please do not leave your bags & belongings on these tables after setting up

  • There are hooks and benches on each glass separators for you to leave your belongings and bags

  • Please return all the borrowed tools back to the appropriate spots on the archery table

  • All used equipment rental is to be returned at the used archery equipment shelf for cleaning

Targets and target faces

  • Used targets are free to use.
    They are located at the used target drop-off shelves

  • New target faces are priced as follows

    • Single 40 cm target: 10 for 5$
    • Vegas 3-spot: 10 for 5$
    • Vertical 3-spot: 3 for 2$
  • Be prepared to share targets with other shooters/members.

  • Each Warthog can accommodate up to 2 shooters.

All members and participants have the responsibility to keep the archery range clean & tidy.
Please remove your target face(s) from the target. Drop off the used target faces at the “used targets” shelves.

Archery Range Rules

  • Before you can push the target further back, It is required that your average arrow grouping is within the 40 cm targets at a closer distance. For the ones renting our equipment, the maximum distance allowed is of 12 meters.

  • All archers must call “CLEAR” before shooting can begin.

  • The last shooter on the line shall call “CLEAR” when they have completed shooting.

  • No one shall approach the targets until all shooting has been completed and the range has been declared “CLEAR” to retrieve arrows.

  • The last person to return from retrieving arrows shall confirm that there is nobody down range and call the line “CLEAR” to commence shooting.

  • If you drop an arrow and you cannot reach it, wait until the range is called “CLEAR” to retrieve that arrow.

  • When you have finished your shooting end, step away from the shooting line and stand behind the waiting line to indicate that you have completed shooting.

  • No archer may draw his bow with an arrow, except while standing on the shooting line when the line is clear for shooting.

  • No Archer may draw back the string of his bow using any technique which could allow an arrow to hit the ceiling, the walls, or the floor.

  • No broad head arrows allowed on the club targets. If you want to test your broadheads, you are required to bring your own personal target. Crossbows are prohibited.

  • Pay attention and cooperate with range masters and instructors carrying out their duties.

Archery Range Etiquette

  • Archers should be mindful and respectful to shoot no more than the amount of arrows that does not affect (or hold up) the shooting line.

  • Step back from the shooting line to give the other archers a chance to complete their ends.

  • Keep talking on the shooting line to a minimum to avoid distracting other shooters.

  • Do not comment on someone else’s shooting during an end.

  • Have an encouraging remark to pass, rather than a sarcastic one.

  • Do not make unkind remarks about your own shooting as this may upset or distract someone.

  • Never touch equipment belonging to someone else without the owner’s expressed consent.

  • Respect the other arrows in the target while removing your own arrows.

  • Leave the other archers’ arrows in the target unless asked to remove them.

  • If you lose an arrow point in the target butt, please inform a range master to remove the arrow point to prevent damage to other members’ arrows.