Indoor Archery Competitions

Experienced Archers Only. Must have your own equipment

Prizes & Prides

For each category

1st place with handicap score: $5 SDC credit

1st place without handicap score:  $25 SDC credit

2nd place without handicap score: $10 SDC credit

3rd place without handicap score:  $5  SDC credit

Scoring System

If the arrow cuts the line, the higher value will be recorded

Tournament format & scoring

1. Warm Up & Lane Assignment

(Optional) 15 min

The first 15 min of the tournament
Also time to sight in and adjust your equipment

2. Handicap Score & Placement Arrows

(Optional) 15 min

12 arrows placement or use the previous tournament result to calculate handicap

3. Scoring & Competition

60 min

30 arrows in total.

  • 10 rounds of 3 arrows per end
  • 5 rounds of 6 arrows per hend

4. Set-point Finals Match-up

30 min

For categories with at least 6 participants