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why choose sports de combats for your corporate or team building event

  • Unique interactive experiences you cannot find anywhere else.

  • The perfect combination of gaming and fitness.

  • Our Sports encourage teamwork and partnership, with a healthy dose of fitness and competition.

  • Each event will be custom tailored to suit your needs!


Are you a business or organization looking to arrange a fun and memorable team building activity in Montreal? Then you have found the right spot! Sports de Combats offers a range of awesome and unique activities that encourage fitness, teamwork and even some healthy competition. A day at Sports de Combats is guaranteed to lead to an epic bonding experience!

At Sports de Combats we offer customizable event packages which can be built to fit your needs. Whether your party requires transportation, catering, or even a conference space, we have it covered! All you’ll have to do is rally up your troops for a great day of Axe & Knife Throwing, Nerf Battle, Combat Archery, Archery Lessons or a round in our Rage Cage. Want to try it all? We can make that happen too!

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Grab your plaid shirt and challenge your coworkers to channel their inner lumberjacks by throwing axes and knives at targets. Teams will keep a collective score to determine who will leave the event with the title of Champion (Paul Bunyan).

Looking for a high adrenaline experience and want to also put your communication skills to the test? Be sure to book some time in our arena; playing round(s) of Combat Archery or Nerf battle.

Combat Archery pits two teams up against each other, giving each player a bow to bear in a legendary battle. Players work to eliminate the opponents teammates all whilst dodging their returned attacks. The game starts with each team lining up on opposite sides of the area filled with inflated obstacles. The combat begins with a race to the middle of the area where all the arrows have been lined up. Grab your arrows and take cover! Teams must work together, developing strategies to beat their opponents. Coordination and communication is key to leaving the arena victorious! Find our who will be the next Katniss Everdeen.

Nerf Battle at Sports de Combats is a throwback to your childhood. Teams will pick from over 200 different Nerf guns and gear up in war paint, then it’s off to the arena where the fight will go down. Players must cover their teammates’ backs as the opponents could be hiding behind inflatable obstacles! A Nerf war is sure to be filled with lots of laughs and end with some great memories.


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learn new skills

Develop your staff’s personal abilities

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build team spirit

Bring the team together

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Challenge your colleagues

Our various group activities help improve communication skills and encourage positive teamwork. What better way to bring the team together than to book a day at Sports de Combats! Our facility is fully equipped with a party room, lockers, and Wi-Fi. It’s sure to deliver a great team building experience in Montreal.

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