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Archery equipment consultation & purchase at Sports de Combats

Buying your first bow can be a daunting task!
With also many choices and styles, online researches and Youtube reviews can only help you to a certain point.
Just like Harry’s  first visit in the Ollivander’s wand shop, you may find the ONE bow by simply holding the bow in your hand (and test-shoot under the supervision of an pro-shop staff).


Prior Archery Experience Highly Recommended!
Completing initiation to Archery class and level 1 options will help you benefit most from this session.
Check out the recommended archery paths here

What’s included

  • One-on-one discussion with a pro-staff

  • Bow recommendation and consultation to best fit your budget & needs

  • Archery assessment report:

    • Eye dominant
    • Draw length & draw weight recommendation
    • Equipment fitting

Traditional Recurve


Olympic ILF packages

  • 45 min session

Compound package

  • 45 min session

the amount paid will be credited toward your archery purchase at Sports de Combats
Purchase must be made within 30 days of the consultation



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