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Welcome to Sports de Combats Archery Shop & Services.  You can find many archery products ranging from traditional wooden bows to modern Olympic recurve and compound packages.

We also offer used equipment previously owed by our archery club members. All the used equipment have been inspected by our senior staff to ensure top performance and quality.

If you are unsure of what you are looking for, it is highly recommended that:

  • Check out the archery buying guide here
  • Contact one of your senior instructors.
  • Sign up for archery classes or courses at Sports de Combats.
    The instructors will provide equipment consultation on what most suitable for your needs

If you are looking for an archery item that is not displayed on our website. Feel free to contact us or browse the larger inventory on Canada Archery Online. 

The 2 companies are affiliated , therefore if you order any equipment from Canada Archery Online through us.
You will be receiving free equipment setup and consultation. 

Archery Brands We Offer

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    core gonexo package
    The perfect entry point into Olympic Recurve Archery. Includes every item you need to get started. The Core Archery Genoxo Riser and Prelude limbs are both new products from Core Archery and use the International Limb Fit system. Allowing them to work together, or with any other ILF riser or Limb combination. Designed to be upgrade-able and to last new archers for their first few years in the sport. The Core archery kit was designed with entry level archers and complete beginners in mind. It features products from Core Archery, Avalon, BS Korea, Stark Archery and Cartel. Please specify the limb pull-weight at check-out For colours not listed, please contact us

    Specifications & Products

    • Core Archery Gonexo ILF 25" Riser
    • Core Prelude ILF Limbs
    • Avalon Tyro Plastic Arrow Rest
    • BS Korea Dacron String
    • Cartel Finger Tab
    • Stark Archery Braza Flexible Arm Guard
    • Cartel EZY Bow Stand
    • Cartel Focus Recurve Sight
    • Cartel CX-616 Tip-Tip Bow Stringer
    • Avalon A2 Ambidextrous Quiver with Belt Clip
    • Avalon Tyro Carbon Arrows (Fletched) or Skylon Novice Arrows* - Set of 6.
    • Avalon A3 Archery Bag (Comes in Black)
    • Image Only Shows major items, not all products.
    We reserve the right to exchange equivalent products of stock dictates.
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    If you want to shoot for recreation, this is a great package to choose. Core Archery's Wooden Rise pairs with Wooden limbs to build a fantastic traditional bow for beginners. PLEASE SPECIFY HAND OF BOW UPON COMPLETING YOUR ORDER


    • Core Archery HIT Riser
    • Core Archery HIT Limbs
    • Stringer
    • 6 Avalon Tyro arrows or Skylon Novice arrows*, spine matched.
    • Clip-on Quiver (may not be pictured)
    • Finger tab
    • Plastic Armguard
    • Bow carrying case
    • Stick-on plastic rest
    • Nock point
    • String
  • Along with the entire Edge Series, the adjustability of the Edge 320 makes it the perfect bow for the beginning and experienced archer alike, providing ease of tunability that only the Synchronized Binary Cam System offers. Bow package includes: Bow, three-pin TRUGLO® Apex Tundra sight, Octane™ Hostage XL Arrow Rest, Comfort wrist sling, Octane DeadLock Lite quiver, Carbon peep sight, Octane 5-inch Ultra-Lite Stabilizer, BCY string loop.


    • DRAW LENGTH - 15-31”
    • DRAW WEIGHT - 7-70 LBS
    • SPEED - 320 FPS
    • BRACE HEIGHT - 7 1/4”
    • AXLE TO AXLE - 31 1/2”
    • MASS WEIGHT - 3.6 LBS
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    Matrix model is the best choice in price available on the market. An easy take-down bow with black fiberglass limbs and brown lacquer finish riser. It is equipped with all the inserts to install a sight, a stabilizer and a Berger Button. Matrix Jr (the 48", 54" and the 58") is the bow for young archers, really cheap but complete of all the inserts to install a sight, a stabilizer and a Berger Button (except the 15" Handle). This bow is composed by a lacquer finish riser and black limbs. Available with 3 different lengths and all possible weights.
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    If you want to shoot for recreation this is a great package to choose. The Samick classic formerly known as the Samick Sage, has been industry standard for years. The perfect starting point for anyone interested in traditional archery. Please specify glove size in notes upon ordering. We do not recommend this bow to anyone over 29" draw length (6'' or taller)


    • Samick Classic Takedown Riser
    • Samick Classic Takedown Limbs
    • 6 Skylon Frontier arrows fletched with feathers and points included (spine matched)
    • Avalon/Cartel Clip-on Quiver
    • Buck Trail  glove (version may differ)
    • Armguard
    • Takedown Recurve Case with Arrow Tube (may not be as pictured)
    • Cartel Stringer (may not be as pictured)
    We reserve the right to exchange equivalent products of stock dictates.
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    Winners | WNS Delta LX Recurve Winners | WNS Delta LX Recurve
    The Delta LX recurve package is best suited for beginner to intermediate level archers, it is updated with the newest WNS products. Please indicate your draw weight upon placing the order, as well as size of finger tab, colour and length of stabilizer, and colour of quiver, bag and arm guard.


    We reserve the right to exchange equivalent products of stock dictates.
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    This is the perfect package for intermediate level archers and the best we could recommend for someone who wants to commit to Olympic recurve archery, now updated with the newest products from WNS! Please include desired draw weight upon completing order, as well as finger tab size, stabilizer length and colour, as well as colour of arm guard, backpack, and sight.


    We reserve the right to exchange equivalent products of stock dictates.