Love in the time of Corona is not easy. Streets are empty.
Everything is closed, cold and gloomy.
Be it the first date or a new jolt to jump start your long-term romance,
it seems a much bigger challenge than ever to find unique ideas to surprise your love interest.

Fortunately, even in the darkest times, there are plenty of things to do in Montreal!

If you’re out of date ideas, we’ll give you 7 (for good luck) suggestions that will certainly help you make some unforgettable memories,
here in Mile End & Le Plateau-Mont-Royal.

1. Hike or bike up Mont-Royal

Mont-Royal is hard to miss when visiting Montreal
Rising above the city and spreading over 2.14 square kilometers, it holds the highest point in Montreal.

Accessible by foot, bike, car or public transportation, it offers various activities suitable for all seasons: you can row a rowboat on the Beaver Lake in Summer, picnic in the vast grassy areas in Spring, do some squirrel- and birdwatching in Autumn, go skiing or sledding in Winter.

Mont-Royal has many walking and biking paths that will lead you to the best views of the city.
Kondiaronk Belvedere is the best spot for observing downtown Montreal,
while Camillien-Houde Belvedere offers a magnificent view on the east of the city of Montreal.
It’s a particularly good spot for admiring beautiful fall colours in October. But there are also many smaller viewpoints where you could just sit, talk and relax.

2. Try a date-night combo at Sports de Combats

Been racking your brain to find the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day?
Look no further! An epic date-night experience at Sports de Combats is really out of the ordinary!
The package is not just a perfect choice for Valentine’s day: it is also great for celebrating birthdays,
anniversaries or just to go out as a couple to try something different.

The popular option (1.5 hour) consists of 2 selected activities through out a 3-courses experience.

30 minutes “appetizer” activity of Axe/Knife/spear throwing

Short & sweet (& badass-ly deadly), that’s what the appetizer is about.
Learning how to throw sharp objects at the bullseye with an experienced weapon master.
It may seem intimidating at first, yet tremendously satisfying hitting multiple bullseyes
with guidance and a few tips from one of our experts.
Sharp weapons, fun games, and endless thrill are always on tap!

60 minutes “Main Course” with a choice of Archery Lesson or Rage Cage

Rage Cage: Double Trouble Fun

Have you ever wanted to break something, feeling the adrenaline rushing through your veins
from wanton destruction?
Angry about the COVID situation and want to blow off some steam?
If “Hell Yeah” is in your mind for any of these questions, then Rage Cage is for you!

From the same owner & creator of the world-famous Rage Room in Toronto, featured in many TV shows, News reports
and inspired the whole Smash Room phenomenon across the globe.
The Montreal Rage Cage is a much improved & refined experience based on years of operations and thousands of participants
(and couple hundreds thousands of destroyed objects & electronics 😉)

Oh by the way, word on the (science) street is that adrenaline also increases physical attraction.
Rage Cage starts with a little couple shopping for items they would like to break.
Dressing up in sexy protective gear (skydiving-like suits, body protectors, arm and knee pads, helmets, etc.).

Then entering into the Rage Cage and go totally nuts with baseball bats, crowbars and sledgehammers
to the tunes of your own personal soundtracks!

Check out how to break plates like a pro here: Rage Cage!

Archery Lesson: Introduction to Recurve Archery

Archery has been “cool” in our POP culture for many years.
Have you ever wondered what it feels like when your aim hits that tiny bullseye?
Be ready to impress your date with your newly discovered talent for archery.
Everything is included. Bows, arrows, quivers, arms guards, finger tabs…and most importantly,
a very experienced instructor, who will be there the whole time to provide guidance & tips
And who knows, perhaps you two may pick up a new awesome hobby to do together 😉 (we’ve seen it happen before)!

No date is complete without a little dessert.

We offer various dessert options to share for everyone ranging from hot chocolate to popcorn to freezies.
BTW, if you need help eating snack, an instructor will be there as well 😉

3. Discover the hidden treasures of Mile End

Wandering in the streets of Mile End, you will come across some curious sightings.
If you’re interested in street art, Boulevard Saint-Laurent has
a collection of gorgeous murals that will leave you in awe.
Together, take a long walk and admire the work of many different artists from all over the world.

For a romantic gesture, head towards Bernard Street.
There, you will have a golden opportunity to grab some flowers for your date.
Dragon Flowers florist will instantly catch your eye,
with its wall covered in flowers and white bird cages.
This fairytale-like place is definitely worth a detour!

On your strolls, you will probably walk by many “Ruelles Vertes”.
That’s the name given to back alleys in Montreal.
Not every back alley is called by that name, though.
The “Ruelles Vertes” are special because they were designed to be eye-pleasing
(very flowery) and car-free.
They offer a cute green space to relax in the middle of the city.
You can find them a bit everywhere really,
but Mile End has some of the most beautiful ones.
For example, check out the one between Saint-Joseph Street and Laurier Avenue (behind Parc Avenue).
Or, the one between Laurier and Fairmount Avenues.

4. Surprise your taste buds

Plateau-Mont-Royal is home to many iconic food places.
For example, it’s there that you can find the best bagels in town.

Bagel-making is an art. In Mile End, there are two places that know all the trade secrets:
the Saint-Viateur Bagel and the Fairmount Bagel.
Their bagels are different, but they have something in common: they are all absolutely delicious.
Get some similar flavours at both places and do a blind taste-test.
Try to guess which one is from which place!

If you are ice cream amateurs, Kem CoBa is the place to go to. It offers many tasty and colourful flavours.
So tasty in fact, that there is always a gigantic line in front of the shop.
But we assure you that it’s absolutely worth the wait! Just remember to bring your mask and,
while you’re waiting, discuss your favorite topics with your date. 😊 (Closed in winter.)

Plateau-Mont-Royal also has hundreds of restaurants, bars and cafés worth checking out: click here.
You can find cuisines from all over the world. Although dining in is not possible in COVID times,
you can order in and enjoy a nice unique meal at home.

Our personal favorite ? Le Caribou Gourmand !

5. Take a stroll in a park

Plateau-Mont-Royal has a bunch of beautiful parcs to discover. Parc La Fontaine,
for example, is not only the most beautiful park in the region: it’s also one of the best ones in the city.
It’s the locals’ favorite place to spend an idle afternoon.

Full of lush greenery in summer, it is great for all sorts of activities: biking, walking, picnicking, etc.
In winter, it offers a big natural ice-skating rink where you can skate for free.
It’s okay if you’ve never tried it before: it’s all about having fun! (Ice skates rental is available on site.)
And if you get hungry afterwards, La Banquise, one of the most popular places to eat poutine, is at walking distance from the park!

6. Book your personal professional photographer

In COVID times, streets are emptier than ever.

Montreal’s iconic touristic attractions
don’t receive as many visitors as before.
It’s the perfect opportunity to have your photos taken as a couple, without being disturbed!

Pick your favorite spot and book a professional photographer.
These pictures, you will look back at for years to come!
Tip: many photographers offer their services on Airbnb, in the experiences section 😊

7. Test your rollerblade or skateboarding skills at a skate park

If you’ve never tried rollerblading or skateboarding before, why not try it for the first time as a couple?
It’s a cool, fun, healthy way to exercise and build your confidence.

If you decide to give it a go, Van Horne Skatepark is the perfect way to do so.
It’s easily accessible, by car (there are many parking spots in the area)
or by public transportation (it’s next to station Rosemont).

The skatepark has a couple of quiet spots with railings, that are perfect for taking
your first steps into the skating world.

Once you get comfortable enough, you’ll have plenty of obstacles (and even a full bowl)
to take it up a notch and learn new skills and tricks!

Challenge your date! Who will be the first to master crossovers on rollerblades?
Who will be the first to attempt the ollie?

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to bring your own skateboard or rollerblades before coming.

For more info, click here.