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NERF Battle is the perfect idea for kids and adults birthday parties! The sport pitches players against foes using NERF blasters and foam darts in an arena of inflatable obstacles. Teams can develop strategies to beat their rivals, encouraging teamwork and partnership, with a healthy dose of fitness & competition.

  • $20 / child OR $25 / adult (18+) / hour

  • All players for public events must be 6 years of age or older to participate

  • A giant arsenal of 300+ battle-ready NERF weapons!

  • Kids-only battle zone or adults-only mayhem!

  • Inflatable obstacles and fort-building elements!

  • Combat-ready melee weaponry (including swords, shields, and battle-axes)

  • 10,000 square foot combat facility

  • Comfort and convenience: fully air-conditioned facility, lockers, and Wi-Fi!

  • Please note that all games require a minimum of 6 players to run. If you are booking a public event, you will join other players, make friends, and jointly defeat your foes!

nerf battle guerre nerf montreal child large blaster
nerf battle guerre nerf montreal group
nerf battle guerre nerf montreal woman cheer


  • Unleash your inner warmonger (without the legal and/or moral ramifications)!

  • Invite your friends, families, and co-workers (then pelt them with foam darts)!

  • Get your cardio up and running (because someone’s chasing you with a foam axe)!

nerf battle guerre nerf montreal blaster arsenal
nerf battle guerre nerf montreal blaster arsenal


60 minutes of private NERF Battle + 45 minutes in party room for food and drinks

Up to 10 players

  • Add. player: $20

Up to 20 players

  • Add. player: $14

Up to 30 players

  • Add. player: $13

* This is base pricing for NERF Battle private parties.

** If you would like to book for more activities, more people, or different timing, please contact us so we can custom tailor your event for you!