New Year & New Hobby:

Why ARCHERY is the coolest hobby to pick up this year

The top reasons why you should start archery now!

Trying archery for the first time can be overwhelming!

The bow is bigger than expected, and the fear of releasing the string can be daunting, especially when others around you seem to have it all figured out.

With all the Hollywood movies tampering with your expectations, some people may be a little surprised with the initial not-so-great results!

While the initial challenges of archery can be intimidating, the sport offers a wide range of physical, mental, and social benefits, making it a rewarding and inclusive hobby for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Advantages of Archery as a Hobby

Learning Discipline

Archery requires regular practice, ideally more than once a week, to improve and maintain skill.

Olympic archery and Compound archery are highly technical, and these styles demand regular and focused training to master the various techniques and skills required for precision and accuracy.

Traditional archery styles, such as barebow and Asiatic (horse) bow, necessitate dedicated practice to develop the instinctive shooting. So regardless of the archery style, consistent and disciplined training is fundamental to honing the skills and abilities required for proficiency and success in the sport

Challenging Yourself

The journey of an archer is full of ups and downs, teaching resilience and the ability to overcome bad days. Archery presents various challenges, such as learning proper form, controlling breathing, and maintaining focus. It is not possible to master them all right away and at once. A period of constant progress is often followed by lows, and it’s important to accept that these lows are only temporary and part of the learning process. As archers overcome these challenges through practice and discipline, they develop resilience and a “can-do” attitude.

Physical Workout and Stretching

Archery keeps you fit. It demands endurance and the use of muscles not commonly engaged in everyday life. The muscles involved in archery are the shoulders, back, chest, arms, and core muscles, which work together to pull the bowstring back and release the arrow.

To prevent injuries and improve performance, archers should incorporate a thorough warm-up and stretching routine into their training program. 

Regular practice of archery strengthens arm and back muscles, improves hand-eye coordination, and enhances upper body strength and flexibility


Archery can be practiced by anyone, regardless of specific physical characteristics, and at any age (e.g. Geena Davis took up archery at the age of 41 and came close to qualifying for the US team for the Sydney Olympics).

While many sports demand particular physical attributes such as height, strength, or speed, archery focuses more on skill,  mental discipline and determination over specific physical traits. Therefore, archery allows individuals to participate and excel in the sport, irrespective of their physical characteristics and their level of skill in other sports.

Inclusivity in archery 2

Niche Sport and Community

Archery is a unique and less common sport, offering a great conversation starter and a small, tight-knit community. Archery clubs and events provide opportunities for social interaction and community engagement, creating a supportive environment for both experienced archers and newcomers.

Niche Sport Community in archery 2

Continuous Improvement

As body awareness increases, archers can enhance their skills through various training exercises. These exercises can help unlock new and more effective ways to pull the string and improve performance.

Continuous improvement in archery 2

Mental Strength

Once the technique is mastered, the focus shifts to the mental game, offering the opportunity to become mentally stronger. The mental game in archery is crucial, as it requires focus, concentration, and the ability to manage breathing and performance nerves, which can be carried through to other areas of life, helping to decrease stress and improve mental clarity. Archery provides active meditation, improves mood and offers a powerful exercise for the mind and body, making it beneficial for mental health and overall well-being. Archery mental training is important for building a strong mental game, winning tournaments, and gaining an edge over the competition.

Balance: Physicality x Mentality

Archery is a sport that demands a delicate balance between physical strength and mental fortitude.

The connection between physicality & mentality helps with:

    • Overcoming Target Panic: Many archers struggle with target panic, a condition that affects their ability to release the arrow smoothly. Achieving a balance between physical and mental control can help archers overcome target panic.
    • Consistency: Balance in both physical and mental aspects of archery leads to consistency in form and shot execution. Consistency is key to hitting the target accurately repeatedly.

It’s essential for archers to continuously work on improving both their physical conditioning and mental focus to excel in this challenging and rewarding sport.

Ready to start your archery journey?