• The Avalon bow stringer is made from quality neoprene and features sturdy sewing. There is a friction rubber pad inside the loop for secure grip of the limb. To use this stringer, slide the loop with rubber pad on the top limb, and put the tip of the bottom limb in the sock on the other end of the stringer. Step on the stringer and lift the bow gently so the limbs flex back. Carefully slide the top loop of your string off the limb.
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    The Avalon Tec One Finger tab bring the fantastic quality of the Tec One line up into a new tab designed around ergonomics and durable. Features a contoured aluminum frame, adjustable pinky, jaw support and finger spacer the options for ultimate adjustability, as well as premium leather face and soft backing for smooth release and finger protection.


    • Adjustable and removable pinkie hook
    • Adjustable jaw support
    • Adjustable finger protection
    • Solid aluminum frame
    • Premium leather face
    • Colours vary based on size chosen
    • Hand: Right, Left
    • Size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • The Avalon Tec one Recurve Sight features is a lightweight and durable all-aluminum sight for recurve bow. It boasts high-end features such as laser engraved sight markings as well as micro click elevation and windage adjustments at a fraction of the cost.


    • 9" extension bar
    • Quick release elevation adjustment
    • Micro click elevation and windage adjustment
    • Strong all-aluminum construction
    • 8/32 ring pin
    • Includes sight case
    • Right hand, Left hand
    • Colour: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Gold
  • A simple carry case for your takedown recurve basics.


    • Dimensions: 80cm x 25cm (31.5" x 9.8")
    • Colour: Black
    • Individual storage pockets for risers and limbs
    • External accessories pocket
    • Side storage for arrows
  • This is a great entry-level arrow for the aspiring Olympic recurve archer. The arrow comes fletched, with point and nock installed. No extra preparation needed before you shoot this arrow. Please note that there is no choice of fletching or nock colour as these arrows come factory assembled and colour combinations may vary depending on the batch. Arrow length and point weight are matched to the spine.


    • 4.2mm diameter
    • Pack: 6
    • Spine: 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1300, 1500
  • A simple entry-level tab made of high quality materials for use as you grow as an archer. The Avalon Tyro tab includes a finger separator, sling and metal base plate. With quality leather front face and comfortable backing. Right hand/Left hand

    Size Color Chart

    • Green - X-Small
    • Gold - Small
    • Red - Medium
    • Blue - Large
  • Avalon Tyro Recurve Backpack is the perfect bag to safely carry your recurve bow and all its accessories.


    • Dimensions: 70cm x 30cm x 13cm (27.6" x 11.8" x 5.1")
    • HD zipper for easy access
    • Internal sleeves for riser and limbs
    • Multiple pockets to compartmentalize accessories and spare parts
    • Telescopic arrow tube included
    • Colour: Blue, Red, Grey, Green, Black
  • Buck Trail Classic Full Palm Leather Glove with Brown Buffalo Fingertips will help protect your hands and fingers while shooting traditional bows. The glove comes with adjustable Velcro wrist closure, and reinforced fingertips. Sold individually. Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • The Buck Trail soft take down recurve case is a simple case to fit your limbs, riser, string and accessories. It has internal pockets for small items as well as dedicated sections for riser and limbs. There is also a zipper pocket on the outside for additional storage. Comes with an extendable arrow tube.


    • Size: 70cm x 30cm (27.6" x 11.8")
    • Two internal large pockets and one external zipper pocket
    • Includes telescopic arrow tube
  • Connects to both tips of the limbs.  Recommended for smaller tipped limbs such as olympic recuvre bows.
  • Features smooth micro elevation adjustment, quick detach mounting bar and calibrated sight tape.
    • One model suits both RH and LH archers.
    • It is supplied with basic sight pin and recommendable for entry level archers.
    • Extension - 9 inch
    • Sight pin thread- 8-32
    • Colour: Black
  • Finger tab from Decut. Color could be Silver or Black. Subject to availability. The finger tab is made of quality leather of backing and ABS baseplate. It helps maintain the correct finger placement and pressure while drawing the bow. The shelf plate and the pinkie hook can be adjusted.
    • Face Material: Leather
    • Plate material: Plastic
    • Handedness: LH or RH
    • Sizes: S, M, L, XL


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