The perfect entry point into Olympic Recurve Archery. Includes every item you need to get started.

The Core Archery Genoxo Riser and Prelude limbs are both new products from Core Archery and use the International Limb Fit system. Allowing them to work together, or with any other ILF riser or Limb combination. Designed to be upgrade-able and to last new archers for their first few years in the sport.

The Core archery kit was designed with entry level archers and complete beginners in mind. It features products from Core Archery, Avalon, BS Korea, Stark Archery and Cartel.

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Specifications & Products

  • Core Archery Gonexo ILF 25″ Riser
  • Core Prelude ILF Limbs
  • Avalon Tyro Plastic Arrow Rest
  • BS Korea Dacron String
  • Cartel Finger Tab
  • Stark Archery Braza Flexible Arm Guard
  • Cartel EZY Bow Stand
  • Cartel Focus Recurve Sight
  • Cartel CX-616 Tip-Tip Bow Stringer
  • Avalon A2 Ambidextrous Quiver with Belt Clip
  • Avalon Tyro Carbon Arrows (Fletched) or Skylon Novice Arrows* – Set of 6.
  • Avalon A3 Archery Bag (Comes in Black)
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We reserve the right to exchange equivalent products of stock dictates.