Summer is finally here, and with it came hot weather and loads of free time for your kids. Full of energy, they are ready to conquer the world, just like their favourite superheroes (Robin Hood, Hawkeye, Princess Merida…). Yet, keeping them busy does not seem like a piece of cake this year…

Have no worries! With Sports de Combats’ summer day camp, there will be no time for boredom this summer!

On the program: archery, nerf games, axe throwing, dodgeball, arts & crafts, and many more thrilling activities that will leave your kids in awe! Thanks to flexible scheduling, they could walk in their heroes’ shoes for a day, or even a week.

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A unique summer day camp

Sports de Combats is the ONLY facility to offer a summer camp with an extraordinary mix of popular activities like archery, nerf battles, axe throwing and arts & crafts. New & interesting activities are constantly added in.

The perfect balance between team games, individual sports and creative activities will help your kids acquire a set of unique skills, while having loads of fun with their friends. They will also learn some very valuable skills for next school year, such as teamwork, independence, creativity, etc.

A combination of outdoor and indoor activities

To avoid the scorching summer heat, most activities will take place in our fully air-conditioned indoor facility.
Nevertheless, some exciting outdoor activities are also possible, weather permitting:
– Short walks outside to the Laurier Park
– A trip to a nearby waterpark
– A soccer game
– Nerf and archery tags, etc.

A quick look at what your heroes’ day could look like

Your little champions are invited to embark on their awesome adventure in the morning. Journey starts with a warming up session. There is nothing better than yoga and light stretches to get ready for an epic team quest!

Next, there are many different mission opportunities : Nerf war, where your kids will pick a weapon among 300+ Nerf blasters and develop strategies to defeat their enemies in a legendary battle; Combat archery, where they will have fun shooting foam arrows at each other; but also Dodgeball and many others!

After carrying out their chosen mission with success, your kids will further their warrior training by taking some individual archery or axe throwing lessons.

As all heroes need to recharge their batteries, lunch breaks and quieter pastimes (e.g. board games, movies, colouring) are planned between activities.

At the end of the journey, it’s time to get creative! Your kids could for example customize their weapons during an exciting workshop. Or, they could choose to make their own (foam) swords! And why not transforming arrow into pens?

Your happy little campers will certainly leave Sports de Combats with memories that will last for years and years to come!

COVID safety measures

Safety has always been our top priority. Therefore, we have implemented special measures to protect our visitors from COVID.

All our activities are held in small groups with reinforced social distancing. All summer camp counsellors are wearing face masks. Moreover, we follow strict procedures for drop-off and pick-up of the campers, with temperature checks and health questionnaires.

Before and after each group, our facility is thoroughly cleaned. All equipment and high-touch surfaces are sanitized with anti-viral sprays. Cleaning & disinfecting stations for hands are made available throughout the facility.