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Francois Cauvin Avatar
Francois Cauvin

le tir a l'arc intérieur est très bien, sé l'accueil et l'ambiance est cordiale. on peut tirer l'après-midi.

Jaynun Joseph Avatar
Jaynun Joseph

Wonderful experience I recommend it to everybody its a big thing💯💯💯

richard auto Avatar
richard auto

The staff is great

Tim Avatar

Wonderful time! Alex was a pleasure and taught us a lot. Also a genuine nice guy

Sophia Ammendolea Ranieri Avatar
Sophia Ammendolea Ranieri

Need to let off some steam.... this is the place to do it!

Tim Avatar

Wonderful time! Alex was a pleasure and taught us a lot. Also a genuine nice guy

Dalia Louergli Avatar
Dalia Louergli

Super ambiance, les gens sont super gentils. C’est une excellente activité de groupe à faire entre amis!!

Eric P Avatar
Eric P

I've been shooting this bow for 2 months now and can only warmly recommended it. Excellent beginner-to-advanced bow, suitable for big-game hunting. Light and not too expensive. Great price/quality ratio.

Diamond Archery Edge 320 Compound Bow Package Image

Diamond Archery Edge 320 Compound Bow Package

mario daccache Avatar
mario daccache

I took an introductory class to archery with Daniel(very good teacher btw), and I can only say that I will definitely come back some other time!

Mario Daccache Avatar
Mario Daccache

My experience was amazing and have a very cool and organised staff, especially with Daniel as my first instructor (and the others as well; sorry if I forgot your names) from whom I learned a lot from! A great place to start if you have interest in archery!

Drusilla Chery Avatar
Drusilla Chery

great experience had fun definitely going back

Gabriel Beauchamp Avatar
Gabriel Beauchamp

Super experience! Merci à Daniel pour les good coaching!

Joey Beauchamp Avatar
Joey Beauchamp

Super experience!! tres bonne formation par Daniel! Et bonne mesure de prevention contre le covid

Rouxde Avatar

Great time, the best coach is Daniel!

Guanhua Avatar

Really great experience, recommended for everyone. You would learn something and and enjoy the time

Ben Viking Cecchini Avatar
Ben Viking Cecchini

Les instructeurs sont vraiment très bon et ils passent la totalité de la sessions avec nous. C'est la seule place à montréal ou j'ai vu ça. Le choix d'armes est cool aussi. Je recommande fortement.

Al Panchetta Avatar
Al Panchetta

This place is a multisport complex. In one session, I was able to shoot some arrows AND throw axes. With all the health restrictions, I saw first hand that safety is the top priority and it did not dilute any of the fun at all. Recommend this place to either try out something new or to hone your skills.

abdullah abbas Avatar
abdullah abbas

Super awesome place. I Fken loved the rage room. Friendly staff

Jérémi Blais Avatar
Jérémi Blais

super expérience, équipe sympathique

Achat Équitable Avatar
Achat Équitable

l'endroit pour le combat d'archer est un peux petit, les jeux offert ne sont pas tellement excitant sauf le dernier de 5. Les flèche tombe rapidement soit que le bout est trop lourd ou soit que l'encoche est trop profonde et ouo serré ce qui ralentis extrêmement la flèche.

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