Things To Do Around Sports De Combats (Mile End / Le Plateau)

Sports De Combats is situated in the vibrant neighbourhoods of Mile End and Le Plateau in Montreal, full of stores, bars and unique experiences. We’ve compiled a small list of things to do in our neighbourhood that are suitable for both friends and family, in case you need a bit of inspiration.

So you have found yourself in Mile End / Le Plateau looking for things to do (besides an action packed time at Sports De Combats!). We are so fond of our neighbourhood that we have created a list to ensure you never have a dull moment!

Keeping It Moving (Outdoor & Indoor Activities)

Hiking In The City:

Have you noticed the big mountain? You’re only a hike away from experiencing not one, but two of the best views of the entire city! Atop Mont Royal, Kondiaronk Belvedere is the best spot for observing downtown Montreal, while Camillien-Houde Belvedere offers a magnificent view on the East of Montreal.

Skating / Skiing:

When you’re heading up to Mont Royal don’t forget your skates! Beaver Lake at the top of Mont Royal is one of the coolest outdoor rinks in the city. Or bring your skis and make your way up and down the many ski paths.

Rock Climbing:

We enjoy rock climbing at Shakti Rock Gym or Allez Up. Not just because its a fun challenge but also because of the community of great people.


If that’s not your tempo, why not consider a dance workout class at Ballet Hop? They promote body positivity and encourage everyone to embrace the joy of dance!

Quality Time (Activities To Do With Friends And Family)

Our neighbourhood is home to a lot of unique experiences that are even more enjoyable with friends and family, whether you are visiting the city or residing in Montreal. You can challenge your minds and have fun in an escape room at QUESTION Escape Games, or immerse yourself in virtual reality at VR Oversea.

Grab A Bite (Snacks)

With all this exploring, you’re likely to work up an appetite. Fortunately, there are delicious dining options abound in our neighbourhood. If you’re looking for a good place to start, we have some recommendations.

For Tourists:

It’s a custom to indulge in a bagel (or maybe 10). While we won’t comment on the age-old debate of where to find the best bagel, here are our suggestions for what to order. If you find yourself at Saint-Viateur, try the Rosemary Sea Salt or the Everything bagel. However, if you’re at Fairmount, go for the Sesame bagel. If you’re at another bagel shop, you might be lost.

Not too far from our favourite bagel shops you can find Bernie Beigne donuts, possibly the most popular doughnuts in the city (and for good reason).

For Something Different:

Everything Guillaume Bakery sells is delicious, and that’s why it’s a staff favourite. Then stroll over to Casa de Pastel and buy as many mini Dutch pancakes as you can stomach!

That was a good appetizer!

Grab A Table (Lunch & Dinner)

The neighbourhood is indeed filled with a variety of delicious food options. After consulting our staff, here are some of our other favourites:

Money Well Spent (Shopping)

Mile End / Le Plateau has every shop and boutique you could need, eclectic friperies stuffed with everything vintage, local boutiques stocked with local artists and brands you won’t find anywhere else, not to mention many vibrant book shops. Read our list of our other favourite places to shop for gifts here.

These are just SOME of our favourite places to experience, shop and eat in Mile End / Le Plateau. Let us know what you think of our list! Did we mention any of your favourite spots? What should we add for next time?