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Would you like learn the skills of medieval warriors and Vikings? Axe Throwing and Knife Throwing are great ways to unleash your inner lumberjack and hunter! Seriously, there is nothing more badass than knowing how to throw axes and knives.

  • $40 / lane / 60 min

  • Up to 3 people per lane

  • Instructor’s supervision is required for new participants

  • All participants must be 10 years of age or older

  • Large arsenal of throwing knives, axes, and tomahawks

  • Comfort and convenience: fully air-conditioned facility, lockers, and Wi-Fi!

axe knife throwing lancer haches couteaux


Impress your Tinder match in a casual laid-back environment.


Imagine yourself meeting someone new. Them: “So what do you do?” You: “Oh I throw axes.”


It’s fun for all ages, but also presents a challenge if you want to master the technique.

Be the badaxe you always wanted to be

In ancient Celtic times, axe throwing was primarily a sporting activity. Then, it became a popular Canadian pastime during the 18th century in the lumber trade. Today this activity is most commonly recognized as a classic event in lumberjack competitions, bringing great glory to the top lumberjack who wins this portion of the games. Most notably, it is now an awesome alternative to your typical night out! Pay homage to your Canadian roots by burying that axe deep into timber here at Sports de Combats!

Our Arsenal

Choose from a wide variety of axes and knives to throw!

axe hache schrade full tang hatchet
axe hache estwing e24a 14 inch
axe hache estwing e44a 16 inch
axe hache mtech mt629 8.75 inch
knife couteau perfect point 8.5 inch
knife couteau perfect point tk114 9 inch